Thermopylae – Meteora


Legendary Thermopylae, the battlefield and the passage of Ephialtes, the unique Meteora rocks and Byzantine monasteries.
Take your chance to be James Bond for a day

2 Days

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Thermopylae – Meteora

Take your chance to be James Bond for a day! Optional climbing on the rocks with the assistance of licensed instructors

Program can be extended to 3days with the inclusion of additional outdoor activities

Day 1

Early morning departure to a place of legend. Meet with our mountain guide that will lead us to a part of the mountain path that Efialtes, the infamous traitor to the Spartans used to lead the Persians at the rear of the Greek forces (snack and juice included). Optional bath at the hot springs that give the name to area (the hot gates) and late lunch. Continue to mountainous Greece for our overnight at Meteora area.

Day 2

Meteora rocks, a unique geological phenomenon, is our place of visit today. Free standing, almost vertical rocks made you wonder if the myths of ancient Greeks about Titans were true. Perched on the sides or on top of the rocks are monasteries that make you wonder about the ingenuity and ability of man for creation, almost as formidable as that of nature. Visit two monasteries and short hiking on the spectacular rock formations with our mountain guide. Return to Athens in the evening.


2 days



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